PolyNet™ HTML5 SDK


The following chart shows the support status of the PolyNet transport layer with minimum versions on the most popular browser engines.

Chrome 37+ Firefox 28+ Internet Explorer Edge 79+ Safari 11+ Opera 30+ Android 4.2+ iOS

Note: WebRTC is not currently supported on browsers under iOS.

Players Supported

Please refer to the minimum working example when integrating PolyNet SDK with one of the supported HMTL5 players

Player Version HLS Dash
video.js 7.11.4
video.js (hls.js) 7.11.4
JWPlayer 8.18.4
Flowplayer 7.2.7
hls.js 0.14.17
Brightcove 7.5.4
Ooyala 4.26.10
Bitmovin 8.53.0
Clappr 0.4.3
dash.js 3.2.0