Complete OVP / OTT Solution


Complete Delivery Solution


Complete Analytics Solution

Solutions That Drive the OTT Success Equation

From intelligent content distribution solutions to full-service OTT channel solutions, KUNO’s patented technologies fully address the business of delivering content online

Three powerful products driving one end-to-end solution

"The team, the tech, the support, the trust I didn't find elsewhere"

J. Fiore, Co-Founder

KUNO Stream

Partner with KUNO to launch your OTT channel or network. Access full-service solutions for delivery, audience development and monetization of your content. Get custom web, mobile and OTT channels and an expert team at your fingertips. Have content or a great idea? Let us invest in you.

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The intelligently load-balanced global tier-1 multi-CDN. The fastest, easiest way to deploy a turn-key multi-CDN solution. Access interchangeable CDNs through one contract, a global flat rate and a single integration.

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KUNO Analytics

Intelligently delivered analytics to drive predictive load-balancing and improved low latency delivery.

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Designed for the most intuitive and seamless user experience

"Polynet offers a truly innovative technology for linear and live broadcasters to not only reduce costs but to deliver higher quality streaming to their viewers based on geographic vicinity”

S. Bishop, CEO


Full end-to-end content delivery service
OTT, Content Delivery and Analytics driven by a single management platform - Origin services, analytics, encoding and security. KUNO Stream, KUNO Flow and KUNO Analytics

Higher quality for online delivery
Ability to switch between “best of breed” CDNs based on performance using intelligent load-balancing on robust networks with unrivalled capacity

Better value for money
Economies of scale at market leading rates. All the major CDN’s in the mix augmented with PolyNet technology

No Single Point of Failure
Access to multiple CDNs will increase redundancy as well as advanced analytics that Intelligently forecasts network conditions

Access to the latest technology
Switching technology, flawless large-scale streaming, advanced metrics and seamless integration with any existing edge infrastructure

Reduce infrastructure and administration costs
KUNO simplifies tech stack and avoids vendor lock-in. Future-proof and adapt in line with your current roadmap