Video Delivery & OTT Streaming Solutions

System73 provides revolutionary video streaming solutions to content owners, distributors and broadcasters with PolyNet™, our patented, tree-based peer-to-peer overlay network powered by AI.

PolyNet enables content providers to reduce bandwidth costs by 50% or more while providing their viewers with a premium Quality of Experience. Using AI and ML-based forecasting, PolyNet can anticipate network congestion and shape the internet to route requests accordingly – so latency, buffering and frozen screens become things of the past. Audiences will enjoy broadcast-quality video, even as millions of people watch the same live stream.

Cost effective with no upfront investment

Our OTT streaming solution is low risk with no up-front cost. You only pay for what you use, and the system automatically scales as needed to support your audience.

Easy to deploy and manage

No modifications to CDN hardware or software systems are needed. PolyNet works with existing workflows including playout monitoring, support, analytics and other administrative functionality.

Offer premium streaming quality

Our video delivery solution enables distribution of high-value content globally at 4K, 8K, 360 or VR with full broadcast quality and stability.