Whitepaper: Super Bowl 50: The Day the Internet Died

February 7th, 2016 more than 110 million Americans and NFL fans around the world sat down to watch the annual classic. Food and beverages were at the ready. On average 1.4 million viewers, or 1% of the viewing audience, “tuned in” via OTT.

What happened? As reported in the news, many OTT viewers were unable to watch the game until 20 minutes after it started. This situation reoccurred during half time severely impacting the much anticipated key advertising and entertainment slots.

Super Bowl 50 was not unique in failing to provide broadcast Quality of Experience (QoE) streaming. During 2014, streamers throughout the United States had difficulties accessing the Oscars during the entire event. Problems similarly occurred during the premiere of Game of Thrones’ fourth season and during the final episode of True Detective. A further example is the outage that occurred during the 2015 World Series. Even in the past few months, poor QoE was experienced during the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones which was aired concurrently with the last game of the NBA Finals and the WWE Money in the Bank event.


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