Intelligent Content Delivery (v3.0) - The Ideas Behind KUNO Flow

1. Centrally integrated multi-CDN
2. Tier-1 network of networks
3. Tailored CDN mix
4. Bring-your-own CDN
5. Intelligent load-balancing
6. Global flat-rate pricing
7. Integration and management
8. Full support and expertize

A Turn-key Solution Featuring:

  • Single Management Layer
  • 12 Tier-1 CDNs to choose
  • Tailored CDN mix
  • Bring-your-own CDN
  • Intelligent load-balancing
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Global flat-rate pricing
  • Integration and management
  • Full support and expertise
  • Augmented (v3.0) Multi-CDN driven by POLYNET

Why Choose KUNO Flow?

GLOBAL: With 12 Tier-1 CDNs and overlapping coverage of the globe, the S73 Multi-CDN reaches users with more available throughput than any single provider in the world

FLEXIBLE: We start by customizing a CDN mix to fit your unique delivery needs. Providers can be added and removed on the fly for ultimate flexibility and redundancy. You can even bring your own existing CDN contract to the mix

INTELLIGENT: Leveraging near-real time global data on CDN performance, throughput, speed and availability, FLOW Multi-CDN connects users to the best data source through intelligent join decisioning

SIMPLE: Shopping, negotiating, integrating, load balancing, troubleshooting and managing numerous CDN providers.We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. A single integration provides turn-key multi-CDN capability. Centralised tools to manage CDNs: token authentication, geo-blocking, SSL/HTTPs certification, cache purging, debug tools

COST-EFFECTIVE: A single contract for the S73 Multi-CDN provides you with global flat-rate delivery to all of your viewers

SECURE: Achieve content protection across all CDNs with SSL, tokens or DRM

SUPPORTED: Our experts will guide you every step of the way to ensure workflow best-practices, configuration parity and top-notch support

Performance that is Second to None


1. Speed
2. Reach
3. Quality
4. Redundancy
5. Service Uptime


1. Latency
2. CDN Costs
3. Commitments
4. Implementation
5. Vendor Reliance


An advanced Multi-CDN setup allows predictive selection of the best performing CDN (Brown).The pink dotted line represents a minimal required performance for a specific video to play without interruption.At peak time (blue arrow) in a load-balancing environment traffic would be switched to the Brown CDN to avoid service interruption.

Management portal functions: Aggregated statistics