Protect yourself from losing market share in a Multi-CDN environment. Capture more revenue by creating proprietary Multi-CDN

Revenue Enhancements

Greater proportion of traffic runs over your CDN
KUNO Flow will result in a far higher proportion of traffic being carried by the host CDN while still improving QoE, resulting in a further increase in revenue

Enhanced Quality of Experience
Given our patented tree-based topology, a greater proportion of viewers receive higher resolutions than with an unaided CDN resulting in greater data delivery

Unparalleled scalability
For the very largest live events, KUNO Flow offers unparalleled scalability

Reduced CAPEX and OPEX

More efficient utilization of network resources
More efficient utilization of network resources than either an unaided CDN or a CDN with a mesh based P2P enhancement. Streams can be off-loaded from your network while still delivering far greater data for your customers