How PolyNet Enhances CDN Video Streaming

Our patented PolyNet™ OTT streaming solution is a tree-based, peer-to-peer overlay network that pairs with your existing CDN or media servers to reduce bandwidth cost and dramatically improve the Quality of Experience (QoE) for your viewers.

In traditional unicast servers, bandwidth requirements increase linearly with the number of connected nodes. With PolyNet’s patented tree-based topology, bandwidth requirements per viewer decrease exponentially. Our system uses AI to identify the optimal peers in the network, thereby enhancing throughput and QoE.

PolyNet leverages WebRTC and WebSocket technology to build a virtual network that can connect to more than a billion devices and efficiently stream video to unlimited numbers of concurrent viewers. As a result, content sources are closer to viewers, resulting in abundant capacity and reduced streaming failures.  At the same time, stream reliability and start times improve.

PolyNet solves one of the root causes of low-quality CDN video streaming – router congestion. As viewership increases, PolyNet works seamlessly with your existing CDN solution to provide broadcast-quality QoE. Learn more about PolyNet’s unique features, or see the benefits PolyNet has over other CDN video streaming solutions.