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How Online Game Companies Can Win with a Multi-CDN Strategy

With a rich history tracing back some 40 years to the introduction of MUD1 (“multiuser dungeon”), online video games have taken advantage of every advancement applied to the internet. Current day, gaming companies large and small are turning to the latest in networking technology to get an edge. In this article, we look at how […]

Warpcache and System73 join forces

Warpcache acquired by System73 We are very pleased to announce the acquisition and integration of Warpcache into the System73 suite of solutions. Please meet the new brand – KUNO! Below are details on support, sales, and our exciting plans for the future. Support & Current Customers: The systems integration process has been completed and we have […]

Multi-CDN in 2020: Trends, Best Practices, Provider Types

Let’s dive right in. In this article, online content distributors will get a thorough overview of the concept of using multiple CDNs (content delivery networks) as opposed to a single CDN. We’ll start by defining multi-CDN, give a brief state of the market and explain why using a multi-CDN is becoming best practice. We’ll then break down the common issues being addressed, the types of providers, technical considerations, how to transition and our tips for selecting the right provider.